5 Common Winter Chimney Problems

Chimneys are an essential part of the fireplace and should be checked periodically – they provide heat and help remove smoke, gases, dust, fumes, and other contaminants from the house. 

 If you’re not monitoring accumulated dust or debris on your chimney, it can cause serious problems in your living space. It is important to get a chimney inspection to protect your home from a fire or even health conditions for your loved ones. 

This blog presents you with the basics of chimney inspections. 

What is a Chimney Inspection

A chimney inspection is a necessary part of keeping your home safe, especially if you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove. Calling in professionals for an annual inspection helps locate any problems that could lead to safety issues or property damage before they become serious, costly repairs. 

Part of the inspection process includes sweeping the chimney to get an accurate view of the structure. 

Why Chimney Inspections Are So Important

Chimneys are often overlooked for home maintenance, but they can be a significant source of trouble if not properly inspected. A chimney is designed to provide the proper ventilation and draft required for effective fireplace operation. Still, it also has other important functions, such as removing harmful gasses from your home before they affect your and your loved ones’ health.

Some of the reasons why chimney care is so important: 

  • Check for buildup, damage, and any structural issues.
  • Address issues before they can cause damage to your home, chimney, or fireplace.
  • Make sure your chimney is working efficiently.

When Do I Need a Chimney Inspection

A professional inspector will check for any damage or problems with the structure of the chimney and will ensure that there are no blockages or cracks. 

Most people think they only need a chimney inspection when buying or selling their home, but that’s not the case. You should have your chimney inspected at least once a year and more if you use your fireplace regularly. 

The recommended times to do a chimney inspection are: 

  • Regular Annual Inspection – A professional will check for any damage or problems and make necessary chimney repairs before they become bigger issues. 
  • When buying a new house
  • When you’re having chimney issues
  • When a device that is connected to your home structure is replaced 

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends having your chimney inspected at least once a year. If you use your fireplace often, they recommend having it inspected more than once a year. 

Work With The Chimney Professionals in Cleveland, Ohio

Hundreds of Americans suffer from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning every year because their chimneys were not properly inspected. The best way to avoid these tragedies is by getting a chimney inspection to prevent any unfortunate events. 

Even if there is nothing wrong with your chimney right now, it’s always better to play it safe than sorry when dealing with something as essential as your fireplace.

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