5 Benefits Of Having Your Chimney Inspected In Summer

After winter, we often forget about our chimneys. However, little do we know that summer is the best time to inspect it. After months of heavy use during the cold season, it’s important to check for any possible deterioration or creosote build-up.

In this blog, we’ll discuss all the benefits of having a professional chimney inspection in the summertime, including improved safety, preventive care, and peace of mind.

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1. Fire Safety

Having your chimney inspected in the summer can help avoid serious fire accidents. Chimneys are often subjected to heavy use during cold weather, leading to creosote and other debris build-up. Over several months, this build-up can get thicker and more difficult to remove, making it easier for fires to start and spread.

By having a professional inspect your chimney in summer, you can ensure that any debris is removed before the cold months begin so that it doesn’t impede airflow or create a fire hazard.

2. Animal Free

By having regular inspections, you can keep animals away and guarantee your home is safe from unwanted visitors. During the warm months, animals can enter a chimney that hasn’t been properly inspected and sealed off.

3. Odor Free

As creosote and debris accumulate inside your chimney and the weather starts to warm up, an unpleasant odor can be released. So, a regular inspection will remove all the built-up and help keep your chimney odor-free.


4. Well Grounded Structure

During the inspection, a professional will inspect the brick, mortar joints, flue lining, and other chimney components to ensure they are in fair condition. Any damaged parts may need to be replaced to prevent fires and ensure proper airflow through the chimney.

5. Chimney Sweep Availability

In colder months, the demand for chimney sweeps often skyrockets as homeowners seek to ensure their fireplaces will function safely and efficiently during winter. With a high market demand, getting a chimney sweep for your home will be a challenge.

By having a professional inspect your chimney in the summer, you can avoid the hassle of booking a sweep during peak times and ensure that any potential problems are addressed before winter arrives. Knowing that your fireplace is ready for use when cold hits will give you peace of mind

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