Chimney and Fireplace Inspection

Ensuring your chimney and fireplace is in top condition.

Fireplaces and chimney are built to last decades, if not a lifetime. In many homes in Cleveland area, they are the most durable pieces of construction. But this doesn’t mean you won’t run into problems with your fireplace and chimney. 

From infrequent cleaning to foundation settling leading to cracked masonry, you want to catch problems with your fireplace before they lead to more severe issues in your home. Green & Clean offers chimney and fireplace inspection that keeps many home safe in Cleveland area.


Key Facts About Fireplace Inspection

Fireplaces Should Be Inspected Often

The first time your fireplace should be inspected is prior to signing the papers to purchase your home. After that, you want to get a fireplace inspection a minimum of every 12 months. If you frequently enjoy nights by the fire, however, getting yours inspected twice a year or once per quarter could be best.

Cleaning and Inspection Are Not the Same

It is easy to assume that when your fireplace is cleaned, the technician will automatically inspect your fireplace as well. However, this isn't the case. Cleaning and inspection are two separate services, and while an inspector can also clean, not every cleaner is an inspector.

Fireplace Inspectors Have Special Training

Inspectors need to understand all structural components of fireplaces, which requires more in-depth knowledge than it takes to clean them. A professional fireplace inspector will have specialized training and documented certification.

Key Facts About Chimney Inspection

Chimneys Should Be Inspected Often

When you purchase a home, you should get a chimney inspection prior to signing the paperwork. After that, you will need to get it inspected at least every 12 months. However, if you enjoy frequent nights by the fireplace, it might be safest to get yours inspected every year.

Cleaning and Inspection Are Not the Same

While these two services are often paired together, they are two separate things. Cleaning is simply about removing buildup and debris from the flue, while inspection looks for all issues that could cause harm or lead to structural failure.

Chimney Inspectors Have Special Qualifications

A chimney sweep can also be a chimney inspector, if they have the right training. But not every cleaning technician knows how to properly inspect flues and other structures. Before you trust someone to inspect your chimney, ensure they have the right and training.

What to Expect From Chimney and Fireplace Inspection From Cleaveland Expert

Fireplace inspection comes in three different levels, making it easy to get a clear picture of the health of your fireplace. 

Level-One Chimney and Fireplace Inspection

At this level, the inspector visually examines all the parts of the fireplace and chimney, including the damper casing, damper, facing, lintel, hearth, ash pit, firebox, and throat. They also use a flashlight to look up into the chimney and ensure there are no obstruction, buildup, or obvious damage.

With this, the inspector uses a flashlight to inspect the chimney for damage, obstructions, and buildup. If there are any issues, they explain your options to you and then address them through cleaning or repair.

Level-Two Fireplace Inspection

With this inspection, things get more detailed. Typically speaking, you only need a level-two inspection if you are purchasing a home or after events that are likely to cause severe damage: earthquakes, tornados, and construction around the chimney. Special scanning devices and camera will be used to image all elements of the fireplace and chimney to examine them in detail, and the inspector will get into crawl spaces and attics to better assess all aspects of the fireplace and chimney.

Level-Three Fireplace Inspection

Level-three inspections are only needed when it is clear catastrophic damage has taken place. With this, even more detailed imaging is used, and in many cases, parts of the fireplace and chimney will be torn down and rebuilt.

To get a sense of the full chimney sweeping process, take a look at this informational video -

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