Cleveland Chimney Cap Cleaning and Installation

Keeping critters out of your home.

Your chimney cap is the protective cover at the very top of your fireplace. In most cases, it features a solid top that prevents rainwater from entering your flue and fireplace, as well as mesh screens that fully encase the sides, keeping critters from getting in while freely allowing smoke to get out. 

Of course, when not properly cleaned and maintained, your chimney cap can stop functioning as it should. This is where Green & Clean steps in to help. We offer eco-friendly, fast, and effective chimney cap cleaning and maintenance to protect your health and that of your home.


Why You Should Give Your Chimney Cap a Little TLC

Water Damage Is a Beast

For something so essential to life, water can be incredibly destructive. When it enters your home through your chimney, it can cause damage to the flue, your floors and walls, and prevent you from being able to set fires. It can even allow harmful mold to grow.

Wind Control Is Essential

When drafts enter your chimney, they can cause smoke to move backward and into your home. Even when you can't have a fire going, it can cause drafts and heat exchange that drives up your energy bills. With a properly maintained chimney cap, this should be less of a concern.

Embers and Sparks Are a Hazard

When you light a fire in your fireplace, embers and sparks travel up the flue. It is essential that they do not escape the flue before they extinguish. With a chimney cap that is in good shape, these should be contained, preventing them from causing a roof fire.

Critters Will Nest

With a good chimney cap, birds, mice, and other small critters are kept out of your flue. This stops them from building nests in there or entering your home. Not only is this a method of pest control, but it prevents the fire hazard nests present as well.

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