Chimney Checklist For Winter Time

Don’t let the harsh winter weather prevent you from feeling warm and cozy inside! A clean fireplace can be a beautiful centerpiece in any home, but if neglected, it can pose serious risks to everyone in your household.

While a dirty fireplace may seem like just an eyesore and an inconvenience at first, there are added safety concerns that come with poor maintenance—many of which could affect your health and your family’s.

This blog post will go through a chimney checklist to have you covered for this winter.

6 Things To Check Off


Inspect your fireplace and chimney before using them this winter. A thorough inspection is the best way to ensure everything is safe and in working order. Don’t forget to check for any gaps, cracks, creosote buildup, blockages, or other structural damage that could be hazardous. For this, it’s best to get professional chimney inspectors.


Have your chimney professionally cleaned and serviced at least once a year. Professional chimney sweepers use specialized tools to clean out hard-to-reach areas of your chimney and inspect them for any potential problems. They also take great care to ensure all debris is removed from the flute before you start burning fires again.


Ensure your fireplace has proper ventilation so smoke does not stay trapped inside the house. This will keep your chimney working and prevent hazardous situations.

4-Fire Precaution

Keep a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible area near the fireplace, and ensure everyone in your home knows how to use it properly.

5-Keep An Eye On It

Never leave a burning fire unattended, and keep a screen around the fireplace. A screen will help prevent sparks from jumping out of the fire and landing on furniture or carpets that the heat could damage.

6-Check For Carbon Monoxide

Check for carbon monoxide detectors near your fireplace to ensure that nobody is getting exposed to deadly fumes while using their fireplace during the cold winter months.

Get A Reliable Chimney Service

Are you looking for a chimney inspector in Mentor? At Green and Clean, we offer reliable inspection services to ensure your chimney works efficiently and safely this winter. We use the latest equipment to inspect your chimney from top to bottom, so you can rest assured knowing it’s in good hands. We’re here to help ensure your fireplace is functioning properly and safely for you and your family. 

With these items checked off on your checklist, you’re ready for a cozy winter season inside! Get a Green and Clean chimney inspection here!

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