Buying A New Home? Don't Forget About Your Chimney!

Before buying a home, it’s essential to inspect everything to ensure it’s in good condition. This is especially true for the chimney and fireplace, as these can cause severe problems if they’re not in working order.


At Green and Clean Home Services, our team of certified chimney sweeps can conduct a thorough inspection of your prospective home’s fireplace and chimney.


If you’re buying a home with a fireplace, don’t forget to have the chimney inspected by Green And Clean Home Services in the Cleveland Metro area.

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Our Chimney And Fireplace Inspection Services Give You Peace Of Mind!

We offer 3 levels of chimney and fireplace inspection services so that you can get a clear picture of the health of your fireplace.

  • Level-One Chimney And Fireplace Inspection

The inspector will visually examine all fireplace parts, both inside and out. These areas include the damper casing, facing, lintel, hearth, ash pit, firebox, and throat.

They also check the chimney with a flashlight to ensure no obstructions, accumulations, or apparent damages. With this, the inspector examines the chimney with a flashlight to look for harm, obstacles, and buildup.

  • Fireplace Inspection At Level 2

Things are examined in greater detail after this. Usually, you only need a level-two inspection if you’re buying a house or if something significant happened, like an earthquake, a tornado, or construction near the chimney.

The inspector will better enter crawl spaces and attics to evaluate every aspect of the fireplace and chimney. We use special scanning devices and cameras to image every element of the fireplace and chimney and examine them in detail.

  • Fireplace Inspection At Level 3

Only in cases where it is evident that catastrophic damage has occurred are level-three inspections necessary. This uses even more precise imaging, and frequently, the fireplace and chimney must be partially torn down and rebuilt.

Let Us Inspect Your Chimney, Hire Our Services

If you’re looking for chimney inspection in Cleveland, Oh,look no further than Green and Clean Home Services in the Cleveland Metro area. Our licensed inspectors are ready to help you with all of your chimney needs.

Don’t hesitate and hire our chimney and fireplace inspection services today!