Chimney Inspection Services in Geauga County, OH

When you own and run a home, there is no universal solution for the safety and security of your family. While we all want to feel comfortable in our homes, even those who inspect regularly may overlook key areas that require maintenance and attention. One overlooked element is the chimney, which can lead to fire risks.

Fortunately, you can always count on Green and Clean Home Services in Geauga County for help. We are experienced chimney inspection mentors ready to provide thorough inspections to help ensure your family’s safety. Read on to learn what you can expect from professional chimney inspection services throughout Geauga County!

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Why Trust Us?

Green and Clean chimney inspectors have years of experience in providing comprehensive chimney inspection services. We have a long track record of successful chimney inspections and make sure to stay on top of the latest standards and use the best technology. We’ll ensure to thoroughly inspect your chimney, including identifying any potential hazards that might cause harm. 

Learn About Our Chimney Services

At Green and Clean, we have various chimney-related services to cover all your potential needs. Learn about them here:


Chimney Sweep: We provide chimney sweeping to remove any soot and other accumulated debris inside the chimney. This way, you can avoid fire risks and lower your home’s contamination levels.


Chimney and Fireplace Inspection: We offer comprehensive chimney inspections to identify potential hazards before they become a bigger issue. This service offers three different levels depending on your needs.


Chimney and Fireplace Repair: We can provide chimney and fireplace repairs to fix any existing issues we find during inspections to ensure that the chimney is safe to use.


Chimney Cap Installation: We can also install chimney caps to prevent birds, animals, and trash from entering the chimney flue. This way, you don’t have to worry about your chimney being clogged up with debris.

Protect Your Home With The Best In The Area

Ensuring that your chimney is in good condition is of utmost importance to avoid any unwanted accidents At Green and Clean Home Services, we take that very seriously, providing the best chimney inspection services in Geauga County to help you keep your home and family safe.


In addition to chimney inspections, our experienced professionals can also help with chimney cleaning and repair services. With our aid, your chimney will remain clean and functional so that you can enjoy some peace of mind. Ready to start inspecting your chimney? Call Green and Clean chimney inspection services today for all your chimney needs in Geauga County!