Chimney Maintenance 101

When it is cold outside, you can always find comfort in a chimney. The heat from the fire will rise up and warm bricks on either side of the fireplace, creating a cozy environment for you to enjoy with friends and family. In addition, heat rises, so the warmer air is at eye level. That way, even if your small living space has no other heating system, you’ll still be comfortable as long as there’s a fireplace nearby.

Winter is a time for being cozy and staying inside, but it can become dangerous if your chimney is not properly maintained. When rain or snow falls on a dirty chimney, it may freeze to the side of the brick walls. This will cause ice dams that will eventually back up water into your home. If this happens, you need to contact a professional immediately so they can clean out the dam and prevent damage from happening.

How Often Should I Have My Chimney Cleaned Out

You’ll want to have your chimney swept at least once per year, but if you use it more often, you should consider having it cleaned twice per year. If you notice any signs that something is wrong with your chimney, you should schedule a cleaning as soon as possible.

How To Tell When It’s Time For A Chimney Sweep

– Creosote buildup on the inside of the chimney.

– Smoking or sparks coming from the chimney.

– Damaged mortar, brick, or tiles around the chimney.

– The presence of birds, bats, or other animals nests in the chimney.

– Frequent buildup of soot on surfaces near the fireplace.

– The smell of smoke in the room where the fireplace is present.


Tips To Avoid Chimney Problems

Use an appropriate fire starter and always discard any remnants after you finish your fireplace. (Never burn them in your house!) Doing so will reduce the risk of sparking, which can lead to a chimney fire.
Build fires that are smaller and burn hot. Doing so will reduce the amount of smoke from your fire, reducing the risk of a creosote buildup, which can be a leading cause of chimney fires.
Be sure to open your flue before you build a fire and close it after you finish using the fireplace.

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