Professional Chimney Sweep In Lake County

If you’re tired of looking up at your chimney and seeing a mess, or wondering if it’s safe for your family to be around, then we have the solution. Green and Clean Home Services are here to provide you with professional chimney sweep services in Lake County.

Our professional chimney services will leave outstanding results in your place. You’d have a clean and safe space to spend the chilly nights by. Don’t let smoke, dust, and ashes end up affecting your health; we can help you out.


Chimney Sweep Services

Why Is It Important

The importance of the chimney sweep service is to clean the chimney from all built-up debris and creosote. To avoid a chimney fire, a homeowner needs to keep their chimney swept annually; You can do this by hiring a professional like Green and Clean Home Services for this task.

We’ll first inspect the condition of the chimney before cleaning any debris that has accumulated in it.

After the chimney has been cleaned, we then inspect again for any damage that may have been caused by built-up creosote or other substances deposited there over time. We take care not to touch anything flammable with our equipment during this process, so you don’t face any danger while working with us!

Benefits Of Chimney Sweep Services

  • Soot and creosote are removed from the chimney flue.
  • You can prevent house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • By cleaning properly, you avoid risking your family’s health.
  • Keep your home looking beautiful.

Why Choose Green and Clean Home Services

Green & Clean Home Services is here to keep your family and home safe. Before examining the health of your flue, our professionals take a comprehensive approach to chimney and fireplace cleaning, removing all creosote accumulation.

We clean your carpets with care, ensuring that particles do not stain them and that your home looks its best. Then, before we leave, we vacuum everything to ensure no soot or debris in your home.

Our chimney cleaning services in Lake County are meant to give outstanding results, guaranteeing the health and integrity of your chimney. Don’t let another year pass by, and make sure everything is working correctly. Reach out to us and get your chimney cleaned ASAP!


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