Chimney Sweep Services in Summit County, OH

As a homeowner in Summit County, you know the importance of properly maintaining your chimney due to safety and value. Regular chimney sweep services will help ensure that no soot or creosote buildup blocks your flue, preventing a dangerous chimney fire while reducing the contamination in your home and bettering its look. 


That’s when Green and Clean Home Services can help! Our local company takes a meticulous approach to ensure your home stays in top shape. Our technicians will inspect every part of your chimney’s internal structure from top to bottom and check for any blockages or hazardous damage. So why wait? Protect your home with a Green and Clean Chimney Sweep today!


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What Makes Us Different

Now, what makes our company stand out from other chimney sweep services in Summit County? At Green and Clean Home Services, we provide chimney sweep services that are thorough, efficient, and cost-effective. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting your chimney served by a reputable team in the safest conditions. 

Why Get This Service?

Besides improving your home’s safety and cleanliness, regular sweeping protects your investment. It avoids structural damage due to excess heat when creosote starts burning against the walls of your flue and allows buyers access to facts about maintenance when they’re ready to buy or sell properties. This betters your chances in the market if you ever decide to sell. 

Keep Your Chimney Safe And Clean With Us!

Your chimney is an important part of your home and should always be properly maintained to ensure security and performance. With Green and Clean chimney sweep, you can rest assured that it’s being taken care of correctly! Our company is deeply experienced in this task, and we can help keep your chimney in great condition for years.


We guarantee that when you see the before and after pictures, you will notice how your chimney looks better after we’ve serviced it. So, don’t hesitate: take action now to avoid chimney-related fires and keep your home and family safe from danger. You can reach out anytime to get a free quote or schedule your next sweep. We would love to help!