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Some people relish the chance to roll up their sleeves and get to work scrubbing the soot and tar from the firebox, ash pit, and hearth of their fireplace. If you’re not one of them, no worries—we are. Throughout the United States, there are over 25,000 fireplace and chimney-related fires every year. In the vast majority of these cases, devastation could have been avoided with regular cleaning. If you have a fireplace in your home, you need chimney and fireplace sweeping a minimum of once per year.

Green & Clean is here to protect your home and family. Our technicians take a meticulous approach to chimney and fireplace cleaning, eliminating all creosote buildup before inspecting the condition of your flue. We take a meticulous approach to our cleaning, ensuring particles do not stain your carpets or upholstery and leaving your home at its best. Then, before we go, we vacuum everything to ensure no soot or debris damages your home.


The Dangers of a Dirty Chimney and Fireplace

With every fire you set in your fireplace, creosote is produced. Thick and oily, it is pulled up into the chimney by design, keeping its toxicity away from you and your loved ones. However, once it is inside the flue, it sticks to the sides, building up over time. 

Creosote is highly flammable, and the thicker the layer of it inside the flue, the greater the risk of it catching fire. When flames originate inside the chimney, they prevent smoke from escaping your home, encouraging it to move backwards and into the room where the fireplace is located. This puts you at risk of smoke inhalation or even death from carbon monoxide.

Additionally, the flames can become out of control. Through cracks in the chimney, they can reach other house structures, setting the entire home ablaze. Ultimately, regular chimney sweep (chimney and fireplace cleaning) in your local Cleveland area isn’t just about a tidy home; it’s a matter of safety.

Every year, there are about 25,000 house fires in the United States that originate within the fireplace or chimney. In most cases, these are fires that could have been avoided with regular cleaning and inspection. 

When this happens, you are more likely to experience an out-of-control fire, smoke inhalation, and even dangerous levels of carbon monoxide within the home. Chimney and fireplace cleaning isn’t just about making your home look or smell better; it is a matter of safety.

Signs It's Time to Get Your Chimney and Fireplace Swept and Inspected

The number-one sign it is time to get your chimney/fireplace swept is how long it has been since you last had it cleaned. And no, burning specialty “cleaning logs” doesn’t count. All chimneys should be cleaned and inspected once a year, even if you haven’t built a fire in your fireplace in over 12 months. This is because creosote buildup isn’t the only hazard; nests and other debris are as well. However, if you frequently enjoy a good fire in your hearth, more frequent cleaning could be needed. 

Other signs it’s time to schedule your Cleveland chimney cleaning service include:

Smelling Smoke After the Fire Is Out

If the smell of smoke seems to linger in your home after the fire is extinguished, it indicates that smoke is unable to properly funnel through the flue and out of your home.

Seeing Black, Tar-Like Buildup

If there is visible black buildup, it means your flue is likely filled with it. This is a clear indication that chimney sweeping is needed.

Your Fires Seem Weaker

Fire needs a strong oxygen source to thrive. While it will pull that in from your house, it also uses what it can get through your stack. When the flue is partially blocked, your fires cannot thrive.

Dirt Is Dropping Into the Fireplace

If you notice black or brow dirt falling from the stack into the hearth, it means there is a lot of buildup in the flue that needs to be eliminated.

Sounds of Nesting Critters

If an animal is able to build a nest in your chimney, it means there is something allowing the nest to stick in place—most likely tarry creosote buildup.

Steps You Can Take

In addition to scheduling regular professional cleaning, there are some steps you can take to better maintain your fireplace. These include:

To get a sense of the full chimney sweeping process, take a look at this informational video -

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