Carpet Cleaning 101: Be A Pro At DIY

Carpet cleaning goes beyond vacuuming or washing it; carpets require more delicate maintenance than one may think. However, there are some ways to excel in DIY methods. Be it to save time or money; if you’re willing to learn the basics of carpet cleaning like a pro, you’re in the right place.

Knowledge is power; learn the importance of carpet cleaning and some tips to go DIY in this task below. Keep reading!

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning is a task that almost everyone needs to perform at least once in their life. Whether you’re trying to get rid of an embarrassing stain or just need it cleaned for your next house party, there are some important things to keep in mind during the process.

Carpet Cleaning’s Importance 

Carpet cleaning is an amazing way to make your home look better and feel more comfortable. 

Regular carpet cleaning will help keep dirt, allergens, smog particles from building up in the fibers of your carpet; This can reduce health risks that may affect you and those around you.

Carpet cleaning regularly extends the lifespan of your carpets by removing deep-down stains or spots that might otherwise set into the fiber over time.

DIY Clean Carpet

We understand that many reasons can lead you to try DIY methods like a short budget; however, we want you to do it safely and right. These are some tips to become a pro in carpet cleaning:

  • Use a good vacuum cleaner.
  • Work from top to bottom and not vice versa.
  • Have special detergents for carpets – never use dish soap or laundry detergent as it is too strong, will damage your carpet fibers, and cause discoloration.

If you don’t have such detergents at home, we recommend using white vinegar diluted with water (50:50). Spray this mixture onto stain spots; leave it to work its magic on stains for 15 minutes, and then clean the area thoroughly with a brush.

As an alternative to vinegar, hydrogen peroxide can be used instead. Mix equal portions of baking soda and liquid soap; apply this paste over stained areas; wait until dry before brushing off.

  • Never use hot water when cleaning carpet; it will damage the fibers even further. Warm water for cleaning is the best option. 
  • Use a scrub brush on top of the stain.
  • Rinse it off by applying cold water. Let stand for ten minutes before blotting dry.

Go Safe With Green & Clean Home Services

If you think that DIY carpet cleaning is not the safest option for your carpets, our professionals are here to help. Green and Clean Home Services have been providing professional cleaning services to our customers for years now.

Licensed, bonded, and insured: your best option to keep your carpets clean and sharp. We’re just one call away; quote with us and make that overwhelming stain out of your carpet ASAP.

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