Spring Chimney and Fire Inspection in Cleveland, OH

Chimneys are built to last many years, but they need to be inspected in order to work more efficiently. Over time, weather and animals can damage chimneys, causing them to leak smoke or even collapse.


As a result, it’s important to have your chimney inspected by our professionals at least once a year at Green and Clean Home Services USA Inc. We will ensure that your chimney is in good condition.

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Our Chimney Inspection Levels Are Top-Notch

The three levels of fireplace inspection are:

1. Level-One Chimney and Fireplace Inspection

Our inspectors examine all of the fireplace and chimney components, including the damper casing, damper, facing, lintel, hearth, ash pit, firebox, and throat at this level.


The chimney is opened at the top and inspected to confirm there are no obstructions, build-up, or obvious damage. The inspectors use a flashlight to inspect the chimney for damage, blockages, and accumulations using this method.


If your carpets have any issues, the professionals at this company will explain your options and take care of the problem through cleaning or repair.


2. Level-Two Fireplace Inspection

This inspection provides more details. Typically, only a level-two inspection is required if you are buying a house or following events that are likely to cause significant damage.

The inspectors will employ a complete scan, including laser scanning and camera inspection, to examine all parts of the fireplace and chimney in further detail. They’ll also crawl through crawl spaces and attics to inspect the entire fireplace and chimney.


3. Level-Three Fireplace Inspection

Level-three inspections are only required when it is apparent that significant damage has occurred. More detailed imaging is used with this process, and in some instances, sections of the fireplace and chimney will be torn down and then rebuilt.

Hire The Best Chimney And Fireplace Inspection Services 

At Green and Clean Home Services USA, we want to give you the best possible green and clean home service, which is why we use only the latest equipment and technology available.

If you’ve been looking for chimney inspection in Cleveland, OH, look no further than us. Our customers always come first, and we strive to ensure they’re completely satisfied with every aspect of our service – from pricing to response time.