Cleveland Fireplace Cleaning

For a warm and happy home.

Some people relish the chance to roll up their sleeves and get to work scrubbing the soot and tar from the firebox, ash pit, and hearth of their fireplace. If you’re not one of them, no worries—we are. 

Green & Clean Home Services technicians are ready to clean your fireplaces both inside and outside of your home, leaving them sparkling and improving your air quality. We take a meticulous approach to our Cleveland fireplace cleaning, ensuring particles do not stain your carpets or upholstery and leaving your home at its best.


The Dangers of a Dirty Fireplace

Every year, there are about 25,000 house fires in the United States that originate within the fireplace or chimney. In most cases, these are fires that could have been avoided with regular cleaning. 

While lovely to look at and providing warmth, every fire has toxic byproducts. When your fireplace and chimney are properly cleaned, these are pulled out of your home through the flue, keeping you and your loved ones safe. However, once the chimney is dirty, creosote starts to build up within the firebox, ash pit, and hearth.

When this happens, you are more likely to experience an out-of-control fire, smoke inhalation, and even dangerous levels of carbon monoxide within the home. Cleveland fireplace cleaning isn’t just about making your home look or smell better; it is a matter of safety.

Signs Your Fireplace Needs Cleaning

The number-one sign that your fireplace needs cleaning is how many months it has been since you last had this service done. And burning those special “cleaning” logs isn’t a substitute for the real thing. 

All fireplaces should be cleaned a minimum of once every 12 months. This is true even if you haven’t built a fire in the last year, since debris and nests can also be fire hazards. However, if you frequently use your fireplace, you may need it cleaned twice a year or even once per quarter. 

Other signs your fireplace needs cleaning include:

A lingering smell of smoke after the fire is extinguished.
Visible black buildup in the firebox, ash pit, or hearth.
Fires that don't seem to burn as well as they should.
Dirt falling into the fireplace from the flue.

Steps You Can Take

In addition to scheduling regular professional cleaning, there are some steps you can take to better maintain your fireplace. These include:

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