Get Your Carpet Ready For The Holidays

Holidays have arrived, and, for most homeowners, it means family. The family is constantly around the house, even more, if you’re hosting the get-togethers. Now, having this many family members or friends around your house means your carpet is going to be stepped on, A LOT of times.

Want to know how to get it ready for this season? Keep reading, and don’t be unprepared. Have your carpet looking amazing before and after your reunions, don’t miss out on our tips!

Why Is Keeping Your Carpets Clean Important?

When people think about keeping their carpets clean, the first thing that comes to mind is vacuuming. Although this is important, it’s not enough when you’re entertaining guests over the holidays. 

This season will be filled with lots of company and celebrations – both of which can leave stains on your carpet or cause accidents if they aren’t properly cleaned.

When you think about the holidays, do your guests want to be reminded of their messes? Of course not! They should walk into your home and feel welcomed by a clean space that smells good. And if they see stains on the carpet, it may make them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable (which isn’t what you’re going for).

By keeping your carpets clean, you avoid risking your guests’ health and accidents.

What Can I Do To Prepare For The Holidays?

Keeping up with the holiday decorations and preparing for guests is no easy task. You might be wondering how you can add doing your carpets to that list too, but it’s actually more manageable than you think! Make sure your carpet stays clean – even when you’re expecting a lot of company.

  • You should start by vacuuming your carpet every other day or at least once per week before the holidays to get rid of any dirt and debris that might have accumulated in between visits from your cleaning service. This will also help prevent allergens.

  • If you want to prepare for the holidays, you can set up a barrier from your carpet to help with spills. You could always buy one of those protective runner rugs or invest in a two-sided tape that will grip hardwood floors and tile while preventing water damage in case someone accidentally spills something on it.

  • If these options don’t work, you can always choose a decorative rug that will work double duty as decoration and protection. Because there are many things to do during the holidays, you might not have time to go shopping or find the perfect floor mat. A good alternative would be getting removable rugs (like vinyl ones) which are easy to clean if they become dirty.


Get Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally

If you can’t be cleaning your carpet regularly, getting it cleaned by professionals is your go-to option. At Green and Clean Home Services, we provide professional cleaning services. We’ll leave your carpet looking brand new before the holidays start.

Our carpet cleaning services will help your carpet be healthier and ready to handle the foot traffic of your guests. Reach out to us today!

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