How To Deal With Smoke Coming Out Of The Fireplace

Having to deal with smoke from your fireplace it’s more common than one may think. Not a nice experience, we know. However, this being a recurrent issue makes it easier to know how to handle it.

If you’ve been experiencing troubles with your fireplace, you may need a fireplace cleaning or repair. Before deciding that, though, let’s see how you can handle a smoke issue at the moment!

4 Issues Of Your Fireplace You Can Handle By Yourself

In fall and winter, many people turn on their fireplace to add a cozy touch to their house or apartment. Unfortunately, this can often lead to a smoky fire that only makes the room seem more dingy and dirty.

But don’t fret! There are plenty of steps you can take before reaching for the phone and dialing your local chimney maintenance company. Here are four issues you may be able to handle by yourself:

  1. Wet Firewood: When dry wood isn’t properly cured, it retains a lot of water and generates a lot of smoke when burned; this may be too much for your chimney to handle. Use dry (seasoned) firewood to solve the problem. Strike logs together to produce sound: damp wood makes a dull thud; dry wood makes a hollow clack.
  2. Damper Malfunction: A defective damper will not allow your fireplace to draw, resulting in a smoky fire; this is also dangerous because carbon monoxide may build up inside the home. 

If your chimney is drawing properly, but smoke still fills the room, old creosote deposits could be blocking the path of the flue gases through your chimney. Removing the creosote will fix this problem.

  1. There Isn’t Enough Airflow: A fireplace that isn’t drawing can cause smoke to pull back into the house; this is because you need the right amount of air to create a glowing ember bed in your firebox. 

The proper amount of air will heat the flue gases and pull them through the chimney. If you find yourself having trouble with airflow, take a look at your chimney cap. If it has too much pitch, you may need to replace it with a different style that will allow more airflow.

  1. Cold Air In The Flue: Cold air will accumulate, causing smoke to puff out of your fireplace. You can tighten up an incorrectly pitched chimney cap or add a draft hood over the fireplace to prevent cold air entering the structure.

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