Buzzing In The Chimney? Time For A Cleanup!

Do you hear strange buzzing noises coming from your fireplace? If you haven’t scheduled a chimney cleaning and inspection recently, chances are good that bugs may have taken up residence in your chimney. Allowing these critters to stay could cause several problems to your health and property. 

So, how do you get rid of them without risking any harm? Read on to learn how to remove those pesky chimney bugs with fall cleaning services!

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The Importance Of A Clean Chimney To Keep Pests At Bay

Regular chimney cleaning prevents many hazards; it also wards off unwanted pests. Fireplace cleaning and routine maintenance make your chimney less appealing to these pests, saving you from possible infestations and the accompanying nuisances. Here are the main pest-related benefits you can enjoy with professional services:

  • It can prevent pests such as birds, rodents, and insects from nesting in your chimney, reducing potential infestations.
  • Removing pest droppings and debris reduces the risk of allergens and diseases.
  • You’ll identify and remove any pests that could damage the structure of your chimney over time.

Three Steps To A Bug-Free Chimney

Keeping your chimney bug-free is easier than it may seem. Here are three simple steps to a pest-free chimney:


  1. Schedule Regular Chimney Sweeping and Cleaning: This removes soot, creosote, and any nests or debris left by pests.
  2. Install a Chimney Cap: This prevents pests from entering your chimney while allowing smoke to exit.
  3. Consider a Chimney Screen: This adds an extra layer of protection, especially for chimneys prone to bug infestations.


Following these straightforward measures can effectively safeguard your chimney from unwelcome guests year-round.


Trust Green And Clean Home Services For Your Chimney Needs

You aspire to provide a safe and healthy living environment for your family. A chimney cleaning keeps your family safe healthy, and protects your home. Every homeowner deserves to enjoy a pests-free home. 

Our professional fireplace and chimney technicians have specialized training and documented certification at Green and Clean Home Services. We’re committed to helping you maintain a clean, safe, and bug-free chimney. With our fall cleaning services, you can experience the cozy warmth of your fireplace.