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You may hesitate to decide whether or not you need to call an air duct cleaning service. A clogged air duct reduces the efficiency of your heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system. The restricted airflow prevents your home from reaching a comfortable temperature. Not only that, but it puts the equipment under tremendous stress.


A few key signs can help you decide when to call an air duct cleaning service. This article lists the most common ones and explains why they happen. We’ll also discuss some of the possible problems that may occur if a clogged air duct is not clean.

3 Reasons to Call an Air Duct Cleaning Service


  1. Poor Airflow in the House

One of the most common reasons homeowners call a professional service is that they notice a drop in their home’s airflow. The reduced airflow makes the HVAC unit work harder to pull cool air into your house. As mentioned before, it can lead to severe damage if you don’t get it cleaned quickly enough.

  1. Your Home is Getting Easily Dusty

Another sign that you need an air duct cleaning service is when your home is getting dusty more quickly than usual. A clogged air duct restricts the airflow in your house and adds dust to it before blowing it back into your living space. If you see a layer of dust starting to build upon your furniture, then it’s definitely time to call professionals.


  1. Unusual Noises in the Airduct

When you notice a strange, loud noise while the airflow is running through your air ducts, it’s another sign that you have a problem. You may hear this type of sound when the HVAC unit starts blowing air again after it’s turned off. It’ll only happen when the system has been sucking in air from outside and turning it into cool air inside your home.

Do the Right Call

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