New Year? Ensure Your Chimney Works Properly!

It’s essential to ensure that your fireplace and chimney are safe throughout the season. This means having your chimney inspected and cleaned annually.


At Green and Clean Home Services USA Inc., our chimney inspectors can inspect and clean your chimney to keep it safe and efficient. We take pride in our work, and it shows. 


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Let us help ensure you are safe during the cold winter months.

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What To Expect From Our Chimney Inspection Services

We have three levels of chimney inspections, so you can quickly get a clear idea of your fireplace’s health.

  1. Level-One Chimney Inspection

The inspector will look at all the visible parts of your fireplace and chimney, including but not limited to the damper casing, damper, facing, lintel, hearth, ash pit, firebox, and throat. They will also use a flashlight to check for any obstructions or damage in the chimney.

  1. Level-Two Inspection

The inspector will use special scanning devices and cameras to image all elements of the fireplace and chimney in detail. They will also get into crawl spaces and attics to better assess all aspects of the fireplace and chimney.

  1. Level Three Inspection

This process uses even more detailed imaging and often involves tearing down and rebuilding parts of the affected area.

Our Key Facts About Chimney Inspection

  • Chimneys Should Be Inspected Often

Have your chimney inspected before finalizing the purchase of your home, and then at least once yearly after that. If you love spending evenings by the fireplace, it might be best to get a professional inspection every 12 months.

  • Cleaning And Inspection Are Not the Same

Though often thought of as the same service, cleaning and inspection are two distinct processes. Cleaning involves removing any buildup or debris from the flue. At the same time, the assessment looks for potential issues that could cause harm or lead to structural failure.

  • Chimney Inspectors Have Special Qualifications

To ensure you get the best service possible, hiring our certified and qualified chimney inspectors is essential. Our inspectors have the necessary qualifications and experience to assess your chimney accurately.

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Keeping your chimney safe and efficient is essential for the safety of your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Green And Clean Chimney Inspection today to schedule your chimney inspection in Mentor, OH.

Our chimney inspectors will ensure that your fireplace is in top condition, so you can enjoy it throughout winter. Please help us confirm your family is safe and warm with a properly functioning chimney!