Exceptional Carpet Cleaning in Cleveland, OH

Steam Cleaning and Shampoo cleaning on your carpets and rugs

Do you look at your carpets and wish they were brighter, cleaner, or less stained? You don’t need to buy new rugs or recarpet your home; our Cleveland carpet cleaning can help.

In most cases, when your rugs and carpet aren’t looking their best, it’s just a matter of getting them steamed clean or shampoo clean. Green & Clean offers carpet cleaning services that tackle dirt and debris deep down the fibers and support pads, using eco-friendly and pet-friendly products to get the job done. When we’re done, you’ll be breathing easier and appreciating the revitalized look of your carpets.


Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Your Carpets Last Longer

When you take care of things, they last longer than when you neglect them. This is true even of your carpets. Embedded dirt and debris not only dull the look of your rugs; they actually wear down the carpet fibers, making them split.

You Breathe Easier

This is going to be true no matter what, but it is an even bigger benefit for those with allergies, asthma, and other breathing conditions. Dust, mites, and dander lift up from your carpet with every step you take, contaminating the air. Eliminating them improves air quality.

Vacuuming Doesn't Get the Job Done

Even the best vacuum on the market cannot remove dirt and debris the way professional carpet cleaning equipment and solutions can. If you want to truly get the job done and improve your home, you need the real deal.

Rooms Smell Better

While we think about dirt sticking in our carpet fibers, we often overlook that odors do as well—and not just those from pet accidents. Everything from food smells to stinky feet can change how your carpets smell and harm the impression guests get of your home.

Traffic Marks Are Reduced

High-traveled areas of carpet get worn down faster than others, changing in color, pile height, and more. Professional cleaning equipment and solutions help to reverse these effects and eliminate the "walking path" look.

Signs It's Time to Clean Your Carpet

As a general rule, carpets should be cleaned every 6 to 12 months. However, you might need yours deep cleaned more often if you have a lot of people coming in and out of your house or have health conditions that benefit from clean carpets. Besides just being overdue for a good cleaning, here are other signs that indicate now is the time to get Cleveland carpet cleaning.

If you are noticing signs that it’s time to get Green and Clean  carpet cleaning, contact Green & Clean at:

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Our Reviews

Monique Lundberg
Monique Lundberg
Great first experience for vent cleaning and sanitizing. Awesome job!
Russa Wenzel
Russa Wenzel
Great service and very attentive to my needs. I can not recommend using the carpet cleaning service enough, they are fast, efficient and effective. My carpets look amazing! There are spots I messed with for over a year that he was able to pull right out (I know it might be the case for everyone). They also came in over a 100$ less than the last time I had my carpets cleaned!
Jennifer Wiebusch
Jennifer Wiebusch
Green and Clean came out to my house the other day for a chimney cleaning and inspection and air vent cleaning for the whole house. He was very professional, friendly, and did a great job! He did notice some pretty serious issues with both of my chimneys (I didn't even know I had 2) and swapped out a cap which makes our home much safer. One can be repaired and I will have him back out to repair it. The other has much bigger issues, unfortunately. We have about 14 vents in the house and it took roughly 3.5 hours to complete everything. The inspection included video of the chimneys and what needs to be repaired. Highly recommend. Will have back out.
Emel Sekercan
Emel Sekercan
The technician was very friendly and showed us before and after cleaning the vents to make sure we were satisfied. He walked through how to change the air filters and which ones to buy. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for a vent cleaning service.
Tracey Brown
Tracey Brown
Very professional service
Jonathon Lear
Jonathon Lear
Very professional and helpful with all our questions.
Megan V
Megan V
Got my home air vents cleaned. Thorough and professional. Would definitely call back as return customer.