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Restoring function to your chimney and fireplace.

No one expects to need Cleveland chimney and fireplace repair. However, the day might come when your flue cracks, your damper stops working, or another problem arises. If it does, Green & Clean is on your side. 

Fireplace and chimney repair require specialized approaches that go beyond patches and quick fixes, which can leave your home vulnerable to fire. Don’t let just any contractor work on your chimney. Turn to the experts for sustainable and safe solutions.


Common Chimney and Fireplace Repairs

Thinking about exterior chimney repair services?

 For many homeowners, the idea that something would go wrong with their chimney seems odd. After all, they are made from brick and mortar, often making them the sturdiest construction in the whole house. But there are quite a few problems you might encounter.


At Green and Clean Home Services, our professional fireplace and chimney repair experts have specialized training and documented certification.



Damaged or Missing Caps

Most Cleveland chimneys feature a cap at the top of the flue. This is meant to stop rain, animals, and debris from getting into your chimney and accessing your home. When working properly, this should not stop smoke from exiting. If it is damaged or missing, it can cause harm to your home and health.

Masonry and Flue Damage

While this is not all that common, it does occur. Out of the possible problems a chimney can develop, it is also among the most devastating. Typically, this occurs after severe weather, such as a tornado, though settling foundation can also cause cracking.

Flashing Damage

Since your chimney protrudes through the roof of your home, it creates an opening where water can seep into your house between the wood and the chimney. Flashing is used around the chimney to prevent this from happening. If damaged, you can end up with leaks that harm your home.

Nonfunctional Pilot Light

If you have a has fireplace, the pilot light is essential to use. This small flame should be constantly lit, igniting the primary burners when the gas flow there is opened. Pilot lights can stop functioning for a variety of reasons, including a lack of gas flow, thermocouple damage, blockages, and moisture.

Closed or Stuck Damper

Your fireplace damper is the steel flap that separates the chimney from the fireplace. It is adjustable, allowing you to control how open or closed it is, and thus, how much heat escapes through the flue. If you have a fire going, it must always be at least partially open. When it is stuck or fails to open, it leaves you and your family vulnerable.

Cracked Bricks

All properly made fireplaces should be lined with heat-resistant fire bricks. This masonry is meant to stand up to high heat, even with frequent and long-term use. However, eventually, they will suffer damage and need to be replaced. Additionally, if the wrong bricks were used, they will need to be switched out or tuck pointed for the right ones.

Signs You Need Chimney and Fireplace Repair

In many cases, the signs of a chimney and fireplace problem are easy to spot—you see that it isn’t perfectly straight, or that the cap is missing. In other cases, the signs may be more subtle, especially at the start. Some indications that you need Cleveland chimney repair include:

Chimney Cap installation services at Green and Clean Home Services

Our Reviews

I highly recommend Green & Clean business, service is second to none, product quality is consistently outstanding, exceeding my expectations, impressed with David's professionalism knowledge and customer service, you will NOT be sorry.
Michael Masterson
Michael Masterson
Had air ducts cleaned, all carpets and couches. A+ experience as always
Marilyn Hunger
Marilyn Hunger
David was professional and friendly. Very knowledgable about his fireplace services! He had helpful tips for maintenance and the care of our fireplaces. He even took the time to start a fire with me to teach me to start small! Highly recommend for fireplace services and will use them in the future. Communication prior to his arrival was perfect and timely.
Susan Landis
Susan Landis
David probably saved our lives. He came out to clean our chimney that had gas logs installed this year. I noticed soot accumulation on the ceiling and new carpet and had stopped using the fireplace. David found that the previous owner had stuffed the chimney with insulation which is flammable. Fire from the gas log insert could have ignited the insulation and burned the house down. David is an AWESOME person, very professional, and he knows his stuff! Thank you, thank you David and happy birthday today.
Mary Rowinski
Mary Rowinski
I am very grateful for the expertise and helpfulness of David. He understood the problem and knew exactly how to fix it. He was thorough and successful! He had a helpful attitude and listened to me. Very glad to have his help.
Nick Sepich
Nick Sepich
Very helpful and knowledgeable.
Karen Knutson
Karen Knutson
I am very happy with Green and Clean Home Services. I purchased a century home and had limited time to get all the inspections done. It was really difficult to find a qualified individual willing to come out in November to provide an inspection with pretty short notice. Dave really didn’t have any openings, but he offered to come out on a Sunday and get this inspection done. He was showed up on time, was very professional, and was quite knowledgeable. Grean And Clean is also certified by CSIA which not all Chimney Sweep companies bother to get. Alas, I do need some repairs done on my chimney, but I feel good knowing exactly what needs to be done, and that I have someone I trust to do the repairs.
David is great and able to offer thoughtful suggestions to make sure you have everything you need to take care of your chimneys. He does a great job communicating and confirming appointments. Very reasonable prices as well. He cleaned and inspected my chimney. I would highly recommend.
Dave Allan
Dave Allan
David is great, very thorough and answered all my questions.
Annie Seybert
Annie Seybert
Great experience - quick and knowledgable!

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