Signs Your Air Duct Needs Cleaning

Have you ever noticed a musty smell or dust lingering in the air at home? These are important signs that it’s time to clean your ducts. Overlooking this essential home maintenance task could allow allergens and other pollutants to accumulate, which can have serious health implications for everyone in your home. 


Fortunately, a few basic indicators let you know whenever it’s time to open up those grates and take action. Whether you’re ready to tackle this task on your own or call the experts on air duct and vent cleaning in your area, keep reading to learn five signs of when you might need to get this done. Let’s dive into it!

1. Dirty Vents, Filters And Surfaces

Are your home’s air vents, filters, and other surfaces feeling grimy? It’s most likely time for air duct cleaning. Over time, germs and bacteria can accumulate inside air ducts, which is why it’s so important to avoid neglecting this task. Also, the lack of proper ventilation in your home will cause other surfaces to dust up.

2. High Energy Bills

If your energy bills have been creeping higher and higher, air duct cleaning may help. Clogged air ducts can reduce airflow in your home, so the air conditioning system must use more power to generate comfortable temperatures. So if you want cleaner air and lower energy bills, air duct cleaning is the way to go!

3. Musty Smells And General Dampness

When air ducts are full of dust and debris, they’re more likely to produce musty odors. These smells will spread throughout your home as air circulates through the air conditioning system.  Additionally, air ducts in bad condition will also cause your air to be more humid, which will make your walls and other surfaces damp.

4. Visible Mold And Dust Particles In The Air

If you can visibly see mold or dust particles accumulating, it’s time for air duct cleaning. This means that air is not properly flowing through the air ducts, and you should take action as soon as possible. Furthermore, these particles can harm your family’s health, so air duct cleaning is essential.

5. Low Indoor Humidity Levels

Cleaning air ducts will help your air conditioner to operate more efficiently and effectively. One of the positive side effects is increased humidity levels in your home. If you’ve noticed that the air feels particularly dry, air duct cleaning might help!

Get The Best Air Duct Cleaning in Cleveland

Now that you know how to identify when it’s necessary to get your air ducts and vents cleaned, it’s time to take action. At Green and Clean Home Services, we provide air duct and vent cleaning services to help improve air quality in your home. Contact us today for the best air duct cleaning service in Cleveland.  We are ready to help you get your air vents clean, healthy, and allergen-free!  

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