Spring Chimney and Fire Inspection in Cleveland, OH

To ensure the safety of your family and home, it is important to have a fire inspection done regularly. Professional inspectors have the equipment to check all of the areas of your home that are potentially hazardous and can provide you with tips on making your home safer from fires.


At Green & Clean, we understand the importance of fire safety and are proud to offer our chimney inspection, fire inspection services and chimney repair in Cleveland, OH. Our experienced professionals will thoroughly inspect your home from top to bottom, checking for any potential fire hazards.

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What You Should Know About Fireplace & Chimney Inspection

Fireplaces Need Regular Inspection

It’s important to have your fireplace and chimney regularly inspected to ensure that they are in good working condition. After winter, have one of our inspectors check for any damage that may have occurred during the season. These routine inspections will help you keep your family safe from fires.

Cleaning And Inspection Are Different Things

Although it may seem like they are the same thing, chimney cleaning and inspection are two different services. Cleaning removes soot and debris from the chimney, while an inspection is a visual examination of the structure itself. We recommend doing both services regularly to keep you aware of any potential dangers.

Fireplace Inspectors Have Special Training 

You may feel tempted to inspect your fireplace and chimney yourself, but it’s important to leave this task to the professionals. Our fireplace inspectors have special training that allows them to assess the condition of your fireplace and chimney properly. We do chimney inspections under security methods that reduce the chance of accidents.

Hire The Experts At Chimney Inspections and Cleaning

At Green & Clean, we take pride in our commitment to fire safety. Our experienced professionals provide thorough fireplace and chimney cleaning in Cleveland, OH. We have the knowledge and equipment to properly assess the condition of your fireplace and chimney. Don’t wait until it’s too late if you think there may be a problem.

Make sure your family is safe by scheduling a fire inspection with Green & Clean. We offer competitive rates and will work with you to find a convenient time for you. Click on the link below and contact us today to learn more