Your Chimney Needs Summer Loving Too

It’s a common misconception that chimneys only require attention during the frosty winter months. However, chimney cleaning and maintenance is a year-round affair. The warm summer months bring their own problems that, if neglected, can lead to significant damage and costly repairs.

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Summer Chimney Issues Are Not Just A Winter Worry

Don’t wait until winter to address these potential issues. Hire a professional chimney cleaning and maintenance service to inspect your chimney and ensure it’s in top condition for the rest of the year. Prevention is always better than costly repairs.

Chimney Leaks

Summer storms can cause water to seep into small cracks in your chimney, leading to structural damage over time. Regular fireplace cleaning can help detect these issues early.

Chimney Cracks

Heat and humidity can cause the masonry of your chimney to crack. These cracks can grow larger if not addressed, leading to potential structural failure.

Chimney Liner Damage

The liner protects your house from the heat and harmful gasses produced by the fire. Over time, the liner can deteriorate, leading to dangerous situations if left unchecked.

Animals Nesting

Birds and squirrels often see your chimney as an ideal nesting spot. These nests can block your chimney, causing smoke to back up into your home.

Creosote Buildup

This is a byproduct of burning wood that builds up in your chimney and can catch fire if not regularly cleaned. Summer is the perfect time for a thorough chimney cleaning to remove creosote buildup.


Leaves, twigs, and other debris can accumulate in your chimney, causing blockages. Regular fireplace cleaning can prevent this issue.

Spalling Bricks

This refers to the flaking or peeling of bricks due to moisture. Spalled bricks can lead to bigger structural issues if not promptly addressed.

Leaning Chimney

This serious issue needs immediate attention as it can lead to the chimney collapsing. Summer is a great time to inspect your chimney for signs of leaning.

Damaged Flashing

The flashing protects the roof around the chimney from water leaks. Damaged or worn-out flashing can lead to leaks in your home.

Soot Buildup

Similar to creosote, soot can build up and cause a fire hazard. Regular cleaning can help keep this problem at bay.

Be The Proactive Homeowner Your Home Deserves

No one wants to face the stress and financial burden of a damaged chimney. And let’s face it, no homeowner deserves the panic of a sudden chimney fire or the unpleasant surprise of animals nesting in their chimney. At Green & Clean Home Services, we understand your concerns. 

We believe in empowering homeowners like you with knowledge about potential summer chimney issues. Remember, a proactive approach to chimney cleaning and maintenance not only saves you from unnecessary headaches but also guarantees the safety and warmth of your home all year round.

Keep your chimney happy this summer, and it will reward you with cozy fires on chilly winter nights.