Top 6 Reasons Chimneys Leak


Chimney and fireplace repair services are one of the most common home services homeowners need. Chimneys are constantly exposed to the elements, which can cause them to deteriorate over time. 


Chimneys are also susceptible to chimney fires, which can cause extensive damage. It’s essential to have your chimney regularly inspected and repaired by a professional chimney repair service. 


In this blog article, we’ll talk about some reasons why your chimney might be leaking. Keep reading to get informed!

1– No Chimney Cap

If your chimney doesn’t have a cap or topper, it’s vulnerable to damage from the elements. Moisture can cause rusting of the damper and deterioration of the chimney flue.


Carbon monoxide poisoning can be caused by a fire in the fireplace and a clogged chimney if toxic fumes enter the house due to blockage. The purchase of a chimney cap and its installation is perhaps the best preventative maintenance for ducts.

2-Deterioration Of Mortar And Masonry

If a chimney is well-built and maintained, it can last at least a century. On the other hand, if the masonry is soaked with moisture, it will only survive approximately 25 years.


When a chimney’s structural integrity is compromised, it will constantly require an entire rebuild, which can be costly. One of the causes of mortar damage is rainwater that seeps in due to ineffective roofing.


A cricket is a roof-like structure that directs water away from the chimney, which is a beautiful solution to this issue. Waterproofing your chimney masonry is another option.

3- A Cracked Chimney Crown

The cement surface at the top of the chimney is called the crown. It protects against moisture seeping between the flue lining and masonry. If there’s a crack in the crown, water can seep in and cause more destruction.


If you leave a gap untreated, it will only get bigger and, eventually, to the point where repairing it becomes close to impossible. You can fix minor cracks before too much moisture has caused damage.

4- Leaky Flashing

The purpose of chimney flashing is to form a waterproof seal between the chimney and the roof. Flashing, often made with aluminum, can’t withstand wear and tear as well as the vent.


Flashing is a primary reason for water damage to chimneys, possibly due to the flashing wearing down over time or incorrect installation.

5- Wood Siding

Water damage is a common issue for homeowners with wood-sided chimney chases. The knots and cracks in the wood siding can allow water to seep through, causing costly damage.

6- A Leaky Top Pan On A Chimney Chase

The metal top pan part of a chimney chase is typically not long-lasting. Water frequently gathers in the metal, causing it to rust. A damaged top pan is another common reason for a leaking chimney.

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