What To Expect From a Chimney Inspection

What is a chimney inspection? How is the inspection process conducted? These are a few questions you might be asking if you need someone checking your chimney. In this article, we will tell you what to expect from a chimney inspection.

A chimney inspection helps you keep your chimney free of fire hazards, creosote buildup, animal nests, and other debris. Not performing a regular inspection can lead to a deterioration of your chimney, and even worse, the heat of intense flames can start a chimney fire. An inspection of your fireplace and chimney can also identify any structural damage that could represent a danger to your home. 

What does an inspection cover?

The fireplace inspection service company you hire to perform a fireplace or chimney inspection will check the following: 

  • Buildup and blockages
  • Damage Obstructions
  • Creosote buildups 

There are three types of level of inspection you might want to get depending on what you need.

First Level Inspection

It usually includes a visual inspection of your fireplace and chimney; there is no need for any special equipment nor climbing the roof. While the inspection is going on, the cleaning service company will let you know if the chimney requires sweeping. If that is the case, they might use brushes, a vacuum, and extension poles. 

Second Level Inspection

This type of inspection is crucial after a severe weather event like a tornado or a hurricane if you have just bought the house or made a significant change to your fireplace. 

This level of inspection usually includes an inspector to check the roof attic. After the check, you will be notified if any repairs are needed.

Third Level Inspection

This is a more intrusive inspection; it can resemble a demolition job. It might be necessary to rebuild walls and your chimney; it is typically done after a chimney fire.  

Not Using Your Fireplace Frequently Doesn’t Mean You Have Nothing To Worry About

People usually think that you don’t have to worry about creosote accruing in your chimney if you don’t use your fireplace or chimney frequently. That way of thinking is wrong. You can just stop worrying about it by keeping good maintenance of this area of your house.

Fireplace Cleaning Service Company For Professional Inspection

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