Picking The Right Season For a Chimney Inspection

Most people don’t know when is the best time to get a chimney inspection. If you are looking to schedule a fireplace or chimney inspection, we will tell you all that you need to know about it.

Chimney and fireplace inspections are conducted at least twice a year. The best time to do it will depend on the maintenance condition you have kept of your fireplace and chimney. If you have years without performing an inspection, maybe it should be time for you to hire a fireplace inspection service company to check the maintenance condition through an inspection. 

Chimney inspections are crucial for preventing any hazard or health issues that might arise if you don’t keep adequate maintenance of this area of your house. Issues like carbon monoxide poisoning and fires can be avoided by having an inspection. 

The Best Seasons To Hire A Chimney Inspection Company

The best seasons of the year for a fireplace inspection are Spring and Summer; this is when most professional companies are available to receive fireplace inspection requests. Here are some benefits of looking for a fireplace inspection service company during Spring or Summer: 

  • You are able to book the most reputable companies available
  • As a result, you get the best quality service. 
  • It’s time when companies have discounts and offers to go on, so you can save money.

Next time you need to hire professionals for a chimney inspection, don’t forget the above-mentioned benefits.

Is It Possible To Clean During Fall Or Winter? 

You can clean your fireplace or chimney in any season of the year; however, you need to wait around a month before the best quality companies for fireplace cleaning services are available. Winter weather usually does more damage to chimneys than during other seasons; that is why we consider that the best timing to schedule an inspection is during Spring or Summer.

Green & Clean Home Services Has You Covered

Regardless of the time of year, our experts at Green & Clean Home Services can help you take care of your chimney. Our inspections can benefit your home and even prepare it for seasons when you’ll need to use your chimney. Keep your fireplace in check with the help of our experts.


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