Why You Should Fix Your Chimney Leaks ASAP

If you’ve ever dealt with a leaky chimney, you know it can be an annoying and potentially dangerous problem. Oftentimes, people think of this as simply an age-old issue and believe they don’t have to worry too much about fixing their chimney leaks. But the truth is, if left untreated, your chimney leaks could lead to long-term issues.


From structural damage to health risks due to mold growth associated with water leakage, the problems are overwhelming. Taking care of these issues quickly is essential to keep your home safe and sound – so don’t delay! Read on to find out why taking action against a leaking chimney should be a top priority.

1. Leaks Can Lead To Interior Home Damage

Leaks in chimneys can cause water damage to the interior of your home. Water from chimney leaks often runs into the walls and ceilings, staining them and causing other damage. In addition, if left untreated for too long, it can lead to mold growth and structural damage due to rotting wood or frozen pipes.

2. They Could Cause Rusted Metal Components

If chimney leaks are left untreated, they can even lead to rusted metal components. This is especially true if the chimney hasn’t been properly maintained. Rust is a sign of serious corrosion, which could make your chimney unsafe or even cause it to collapse.

3. You Could Risk Masonry Deterioration 

Chimney leaks can cause deterioration of the chimney’s masonry and other components. The chimney materials may become brittle, cracked, or even crumble under pressure from water saturation. If not dealt with quickly, this could lead to costly repairs or chimney replacement. 

4. Mold Growth And Clogging Could Occur

As chimney leaks occur, water can get stuck inside the chimney and cause clogging. This could lead to mold growth, which is unpleasant and potentially hazardous. If you’re concerned about chimney clogs or moisture build-up, call your local chimney repair services for help. 

How To Know If You Have a Leak?

Before you start thinking about all the things leaks could cause, it’s important to be sure whether you’re dealing with a chimney leak. A chimney leak could be caused by water condensing on the surface, but it could also occur due to cracks in the chimney walls or crowns. Be on the look for the following signs:


– Stains and streaks on the chimney’s outside walls

– Peeling paint on chimney masonry

– Clogged chimneys

– Cracks in chimney crowns, mortar joints, or chimney walls

– Water puddles around the chimney base


If you notice any of these signs, don’t wait to contact your chimney repair services and get the chimney leak fixed as soon as possible.

Don’t Neglect Your Chimney- Fix The Leaks Today!

Leaks can be a delicate problem that could make you feel stressed and overwhelmed, especially if not dealt with on time. But with the help of chimney repair, you can ensure that your chimney stays in great condition and your home remains safe. That’s when Green and Clean Home Services can help! We know chimney leaks can be a hassle and are here to make it easier.


If you want to ensure your chimney is in great shape, all you need to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Call us today to get a free quote.
  2. Evaluate chimney damage.
  3. Get the chimney repaired.


Don’t wait any longer and contact us now! We offer chimney repair services to ensure your chimney is leak-free and running like new again. Get in touch with us and start taking care of your chimney leaks today! 



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