Winter Chimney Inspection Services In Cleveland, OH

Are you a homeowner in Cleveland worried that your chimney and fireplace are ready for the winter? You may have heard horror stories of fires and smoke damage caused by badly installed or poorly maintained systems, but here at Green and Clean, we specialize in offering professional chimney repair services to keep your home safe and cozy. 


Our experience in dealing with Cleveland winters means that our techniques are up-to-date to keep your home safe and warm while limiting any potential hazards. 


Whether you need emergency services or preventative care, our knowledgeable staff can help you through this coldest part of the year without worry.

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How Our Service Works

At Green and Clean, we provide complete chimney repair services to identify potential problems that could cause smoke or fire damage during the winter. We use the highest quality materials available, meaning your chimney is built to last for years.


Our team of professionals knows what needs to be done to keep your family safe from any risks posed by bad fireplaces or chimneys. We inspect your flue and make sure it’s clear of debris and blockages, check for loose mortar joints and crumbling bricks, and perform general maintenance if necessary.

Get An Eco-Friendly And Reliable Solution

We understand that some homeowners are looking for a more eco-friendly solution regarding winter chimney and fireplace repair services. That’s why we offer green solutions that are not only reliable but also environmentally conscious.


Our certified technicians can give you the best advice on making your home more energy efficient with our products, meaning that you get the protection of knowing your family is safe while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Are you looking for chimney repair in Cleveland, OH? Don’t let an outdated or damaged chimney ruin your winter season. Contact Green and Clean today to schedule an appointment and estimate for our winter chimney and fireplace repair services in Cleveland, OH. We’ll work with you to ensure you get the most out of your fireplace this winter and for years. Get a Green and Clean chimney repair here! We’ll keep your house in top shape!