Cleveland Fireplace Repair

Restoring function to your fireplace.

Fireplaces are built to withstand extreme heat, so it is easy to assume that they are so sturdy, nothing will ever go wrong. However, there are actually numerous problems that can develop within your fireplace. 

Should you encounter a problem, contact Green & Clean Home Services. We deliver specialized, sustainable solutions that protect your home and extend the life of your fireplace.


Common Fireplace Repairs

Nonfunctional Pilot Light

If you have a has fireplace, the pilot light is essential to use. This small flame should be constantly lit, igniting the primary burners when the gas flow there is opened. Pilot lights can stop functioning for a variety of reasons, including a lack of gas flow, thermocouple damage, blockages, and moisture.

Closed or Stuck Damper

Your fireplace damper is the steel flap that separates the chimney from the fireplace. It is adjustable, allowing you to control how open or closed it is, and thus, how much heat escapes through the flue. If you have a fire going, it must always be at least partially open. When it is stuck or fails to open, it leaves you and your family vulnerable.

Cracked Bricks

All properly made fireplaces should be lined with heat-resistant fire bricks. This masonry is meant to stand up to high heat, even with frequent and long-term use. However, eventually, they will suffer damage and need to be replaced. Additionally, if the wrong bricks were used, they will need to be switched out for the right ones.

Signs You Need Fireplace Repair

Problems with fireplaces can be easy to spot, but in some cases, they are sneakier than you would think. This is especially true when problems are just developing. Signs that indicate you should contact us for Cleveland fireplace repair include:

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