Air Duct, Chimney, and Carpet Cleaning in Portage County, OH

Keeping your Portage County home or business at its best.

Not every cleaning task is suited to going DIY. In Portage County, these chores should be trusted to Green & Clean Home Services. Our technicians can tackle all those difficult spots, from your chimney flue to your dryer vents.


Green & Clean Services

Chimney Sweeping

With Portage County chimney sweeping, you eliminate fire hazards and improve the quality of your home. Depending on how much you use your fireplace, you will need cleaning 1-4 times a year.

Fireplace Cleaning

Whenever you schedule chimney cleaning, you should opt for fireplace cleaning as well. Our Portage County technicians thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your fireplace.

Chimney Inspection

When your chimney is damaged, you risk any fire becoming a house fire. Our Portage County chimney inspections aim to catch problems before they hurt you or your home.

Fireplace Inspection

You want to use your fireplace feeling secure in the knowledge that it is safe. Our Portage County fireplace inspections let you enjoy your home without the stress.

Chimney Repair

Problems with chimneys are never small, given the risks. Our Portage County chimney repairs address issues quickly.

Fireplace Repair

Your fireplace serves as a focal point and gathering spot. Keep it at its best with Green & Clean's Portage County fireplace repairs.

Chimney Cap Cleaning and Maintenance

Chimney caps prevent rain and animals from entering your home, while letting smoke out. Our chimney cap maintenance and repair helps keep your Portage County home safe.

Air Duct Cleaning

Portage County air ducts do a lot of work—and get very dirty. Our air duct cleaning helps to eliminate harmful dust, dander, and mold to keep you healthy.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

For a long life, your dryer needs to be properly maintained. Part of this is Portage County dryer vent cleaning. With clean vents, you get better performance and less fire risk.

Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture is great at trapping dirt, dander, and other particles. With our Portage County upholstery cleaning, you can enjoy that fresh feeling without buying new furniture.

Carpet Cleaning

You cannot vacuum your way to clean rugs; for this, you need Portage County professional carpet cleaning. With our help, you'll eliminate even stuck-in dirt.

Locally owned and operated, Green & Clean offers Portage County eco-friendly and pet-friendly home cleaning. Call us at (216) 446-2626, 330-237-2989, 440-306-3030, or toll-free at (888) 886-4305 to schedule your service.