Cleveland Upholstery Cleaning

Restore beauty and health to your furniture.

Do you feel like your upholstered furniture has seen better days? Before you start looking for replacements, consider Cleveland upholstery cleaning. Most upholstery fabrics and the cushioning beneath them are excellent at trapping dirt and allergens, causing your furniture to look dull, smell bad, and even feel slick to the touch. 

Green & Clean offers upholstery deep cleaning to the Cleveland area. Our eco-friendly and pet-friendly cleaners get down into the fabric to remove the dirt that is discoloring your furniture while also eliminating allergens and other problematic elements.


Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture That Lasts

In most cases, people replace their furniture not when it's outlived its function, but when it's looking dull or discolored. While some discoloration could be due to actual fading, especially for furniture that gets direct sunlight, in most cases, it comes down to built-up dirt. Once this is eliminated, you might find yourself loving your furniture again.

Better Hygiene

A lot of the particles that build up in your upholstery are dead skin cells and mites. When you pause to give that even a moment of thought, suddenly, your sofa doesn't seem so hygienic. Our Cleveland upholstery cleaning service reduces the numbers of skin cells and mites in your furniture, improving hygiene and peace of mind.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Every time you flop down on the couch to catch up on your shows, the dust and debris lurking in your upholstery is released into the air. From germs to dander, this then circulates and harms the quality of the air in your home. With regular upholstery cleaning, you reduce the number of particles in your air at any given time.

The Right Guest Experience

We've all had that experience where we sit down in someone's char, but our hands on the arm rests, and feel something less than pleasant. Whether oily slickness from skin or that chalky feeling of built-up dust, it doesn't make the impression we want on our guests. Upholstery cleaning eliminates these unwanted textures.

Signs It's Time to Deep Clean Your Furniture

If you aren’t sure that now is the right time for upholstery cleaning, looking for some key signs might help. Here are some big indications that now is the time to get your sofas and chairs deep cleaned.

They Smell Bad

If you give your couches the sniff test and get anything other than neutral or pleasant, it's time for a good cleaning.

It's Thrifted

There is nothing wrong with thrifting furniture, but before you bring it in your home, get that sofa or chair properly cleaned.

Allergies Are Worsening

If you are noticing that your allergy symptoms are getting worse, there is a good chance your furniture is trapping dust, dander, and other triggers.

There Are Visible Stains

Our Cleveland upholstery cleaning service doesn't just lift out dirt and debris. It also treats even set-in stains.

Pet Hair Is Building Up

Pets are family, and there is no shame in letting them on the furniture. However, it does mean you'll want to get your upholstery cleaned more often.

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Is it looking like it’s time for you to clean your upholstery? Contact Green & Clean at (216) 446-2626, 330-237-2989, 440-306-3030  or use our toll-free number: (888) 886-4305 Emergency Phone: (216) 312-6371.

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