7 Signs You Should Clean Your Air Duct

An air duct acts as a passageway for cool and heated air to travel through your home. It is important for your respiratory health and safety that these get cleaned every 3 to 5 years. Air ducts accumulate mold, dust, and other allergens. If not cleaned properly, these impurities flow from the air ducts into the environment of your house.


Discover here 7 signs that you should clean your air ducts: 


1. Dust Accumulation

Air ducts are the perfect place for dust and gunk to build up. If you see corners or areas of your house, then you should clean your air ducts. Not only dust but allergens, dead skin cells, and pet dander also build up within air ducts, making dirty air ducts a health risk.


2. Frequent Allergic Reactions

Allergens travel through the air, and air ducts play a huge role in the air circulation within your house. If you notice an increase in your allergic reactions indoors, look into how clean your air ducts are. Dirty air ducts will easily trigger allergic reactions.


3. Pest Infestation

Pests are a nightmare for any homeowner. Cleaning your air ducts is a great way to target them and get your home to a pest-free state. An air duct cleaning will get rid of any pest present as well as any waste they leave behind.


4. New Home

So you just moved to a new home! Then you want to make sure you do a deep cleaning of the air ducts. This will help you ensure everything is in top condition and that your air quality is great. Enjoy your new home to the fullest by ensuring it has clean air inside.


5. New Constructions

New constructions can use a final clean-up before use. Dust particles from buildings can easily spread, so you want to make sure your whole house is clean. A key aspect of this is air duct cleaning. 


6. Visible Mold or Moldy Smell

Mold can be a huge threat to your health, and its presence in the air ducts can spread its effects throughout the house. If you happen to notice mold or sense a moldy smell, then you should clean your air ducts. This is important to prevent lung disease and allergies.


7. You Haven’t Cleaned Your Air Ducts For More Than Five Years

If it’s been a long time since the last time you cleaned your air ducts, then it’s time to clean them again. All air ducts get dirty with time. Regular cleaning will improve your air quality and air duct efficiency. It’s also great to check if everything is working properly.


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