Cleveland Air Duct, Chimney, and Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your Cleveland home or business at its best.

No matter how on-point your cleaning skills are, there will always be certain tasks you can’t do yourself. Luckily, Green & Clean Home Services is here for you. We help businesses throughout the Cleveland area with eco- and pet-friendly deep cleaning of everything from chimneys to carpets.


Green & Clean Services

Chimney Sweeping

Chimneys should be swept at least once a year, and as frequent as once per quarter depending on use. Our Cleveland chimney sweeping service helps improve air quality and reduce fire risk.

Fireplace Cleaning

Whenever your chimney is cleaned, your fireplace should be too. Our Cleveland fireplace cleaning service covers everything from the damper casing to the exterior surfaces.

Chimney Inspection

When there is a problem with your chimney, the consequences can be severe. Our Cleveland chimney inspection service checks for everything from creosote buildup to structural failure.

Fireplace Inspection

Anytime you are working with fire, you want your safety to be assured. Our Cleveland fireplace inspections locate problems and offer solutions.

Chimney Repair

Whenever you encounter issues with your chimney, you need fast, professional repair. We offer Cleveland standard and emergency chimney repairs.

Fireplace Repair

Fireplaces need to work well and look amazing. Our Cleveland fireplace repair restores working parts and improves the aesthetics of your fireplace.

Chimney Cap Cleaning and Maintenance

Chimney caps are essential defense from rain and critters entering your home. We offer chimney cap cleaning and maintenance to Cleveland homeowners so yours works well.

Air Duct Cleaning

Throughout Cleveland, air duct cleaning is essential. Given how much we use our HVAC systems, without regularly cleaning, indoor air quality is poor.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Your dryer is one of the most significant fire hazards in your home, and the vent is the source of most problems. With Cleveland dryer vent cleaning, you protect your health and home.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture accumulates dirt, mites, and even skin cells. With Cleveland upholstery cleaning, these are removed, helping furniture look and feel better.

Carpet Cleaning

Even top-of-the-line vacuums can't eliminate all dust and allergens from your carpet. However, Cleveland carpet cleaning gets down deep to remove debris that harms your air quality.

Locally owned and operated, Green & Clean combines innovative technology with eco-friendly and pet-friendly products. Call us at (216) 446-2626, 330-237-2989, 440-306-3030or toll-free at (888) 886-4305 to schedule your service.