Cuyahoga County Air Duct, Chimney, and Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your Cuyahoga County home or business at its best.

Even the biggest neat freak will have spots in their home they cannot clean without professional help. Luckily, if you are in Cuyahoga County, Green & Clean Home Services is on your side. Our deep cleaning addresses everything from fireplaces to air ducts. 


Green & Clean Services

Chimney Sweeping

Our Cuyahoga County chimney sweeping service is essential for any home with a fireplace. Schedule service at least once per year to mitigate fire hazards.

Fireplace Cleaning

Don't forget to schedule Cuyahoga County fireplace cleaning when you get your chimney swept. Our service eliminates creosote, soot, and ash from interior and exterior surfaces.

Chimney Inspection

When your chimney is damaged, your home and family are put at risk. Our Cuyahoga County chimney inspections catch issues before they cause harm.

Fireplace Inspection

Anytime you are working with fire, safety must be prioritized. With Cuyahoga County fireplace inspections, you can enjoy toasty fires without the worry.

Chimney Repair

When your chimney is damaged, you need it repaired as soon as possible. We offer Cuyahoga County standard and emergency chimney repairs.

Fireplace Repair

Your fireplace should function great and look even better. With Green & Clean, you can get the Cuyahoga County fireplace repairs you need to make your home its best.

Chimney Cap Cleaning and Maintenance

For a good experience with your fireplace, you need to keep rain and critters out. With a clean and well-maintained Cuyahoga County chimney cap, you'll get just that.

Air Duct Cleaning

Cuyahoga County air ducts play a major role in your indoor air quality. Be sure to get yours cleaned every 2-5 years, depending upon your health concerns.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Owning a dryer is a must, but maintaining it isn't always easy. Cuyahoga County dryer vent cleaning takes care of this essential task, protecting your home.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery does a great job of holding onto everything from skin cells to dust. With Cuyahoga County upholstery cleaning, we eliminate the dirt you see and the first you don't.

Carpet Cleaning

Even industrial vacuums don't have the suction needed to deep clean your rugs. However, with Cuyahoga County carpet cleaning, even ground in dirt is eliminated.

Locally owned and operated, Green & Clean offers Cuyahoga County deep cleaning with eco-friendly and pet-friendly products. Call us at (216) 446-2626, 330-237-2989, 440-306-3030, or toll-free at (888) 886-4305 to schedule your service.